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Oysters (Two dozen pack)

Product Description
Meaty, Wellfleet oysters can’t be beat for flavor. 24 piece bag. Our oysters are dug fresh from the beaches of Cape Cod and shipped live to your door. You can sample the same oysters some of the finest restaurants in the country use with our Wellfleet oyster.

Product Features

Shipped live to your door
Serve on the half shell or Rockerfeller
Packed full of Meat

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Shucked Oysters – Shucked Oysters 8 oz


Product Description
Our love affair with oysters is as old as the lore about them. And no wonder! Oysters contain plenty of vitamins and minerals, are low in calories and fat, and are high in protein. Plus, they simply taste wonderful! Oyster recipes are abundant and include the ever popular oyster stew, oyster dressing, fried oysters, and steamed oysters. Turn any dish into a taste temptation with the delicate, briny flavor of oysters. Our premium quality oysters come shucked, cleaned, and ready to use.

Item Details and Quality:
For over 2000 years, the world has been in love with oysters. In fact, history tells us that the Romans would import oysters in snow covered barrels from England in order to get their fill. The flexibility of oysters is one reason their worldwide popularity continues to grow. From oyster stew to oyster dressing, these salty, meaty bivalves are hearty enough to satisfy the most demanding appetite. Is the legend of love true? Do oysters have aphrodisiac qualities? They just might. In addition to the other mineral content, exceptional levels of zinc are found in oysters. Zinc has long been known as a contributor to male fertility. Add in “endorsements” from both Aphrodite (goddess of love who rode in from the sea on an oyster shell) and Casanova (who reputedly ate five dozen oysters a day to maintain virility), and you have centuries of lore to back up the scientific evidence. Whether you have hopes of becoming the next Casanova or just enjoying an outstanding meal, oysters offer a savory delight any way you prepare them.

  • When you order, you’ll receive an 8 oz cup with a metal top and crank pull top. Each cup contains 10 to 15 fresh, shucked oysters.

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